We invite you to rest in our lodges, turning them into a true haven of well-being, a relaxing space to enjoy a delicious glass of wine, your favorite music and good company.

Hygge, originated in Denmark, refers to a life philosofy that invites us to enjoy some simple pleasures that makes us feel at home.

Lodges design and arquitecture are thought under the Hygge philosophy. Some of its main characteristics are the use of natural materials, warm lighting from natural light, neutral colors and a unique design of space.

The secret of our Hygge spaces lies in comfort, in enjoying the small pleasures of life and the company of our close people.

At Vines & Lodges we invite you to build your own lodge, to rediscover the sounds of nature, to contemplate the landscape, the purity of the air, the nobility of the climate and the tranquility of the place while experiencing the culture of wine. Situated near the lots, where owners can plant different varietals where specialist winemakers will be in charge of carrying out all the maintenance and care tasks so that these grapes become unique wines with your personal label.

Hygge Architecture 

Hygge refers precisely to placing people and their well-being in the highest priority and, although it is more a philosophy of life than decorative guidelines, it is at home where hygge is lived most intensely. Basically, it is about surrounding yourself with the things and people that make you happy. These are the deco keys that will invoke it.

Warm colors in small spaces. The palette is calm, transmits calm, a great ally of “slow design” that sees its best representation in the small spaces that they manage to contain.

Soft textures. "Cold" textiles have no place, but wool, vicuña hair, plush, leather, wrap everything, generating more privacy in certain sectors of the spaces.

Many candles. The light of the candle is not the characteristic, but the set of them, since they give that feeling of relaxing semi-darkness, which inevitably leads to good rest. They can be placed together on books, glass containers or ceramic plates.

Everything natural, in sight. Allowing the lamp to be visible in the luminaire or for the stripper to be a bit messy, loosening up without visiting the mess is fine.

Back to rustic. Yes, because the texture matters here, and maintaining the grain and finish of the material brings us closer to the unprocessed, to the natural grain and texture.

A tub in your bathroom. May the time to get home be calm. A soaking bath is the most comforting in a space with serene tones and textures.