Vines and Lodges is the product of passion for Wine and Nature, combined with entrepreneur’s visionary interest in Architecture and Design.

This location was selected for its potential to create a unique space where luxury amenities, tranquility and hygge architecture could converge harmoniously with the exlusive oportunity of owning a vineyard where private labels can be produced.

Cordoba province is a territory blessed with the posibility of producing a wide variety of grapes, wich aged in oak, can then evoke unique flavors and aromas such as different herbs, flowers, fruits, tobacco and leather that could be enjoyed while brathing pure mountain air, immersed in beautiful landscapes. Some of the production consists in Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc.

Innovative and exlusive winemaking, tranquility of nature, confortable spaces designed for a luxury relaxing experience also combined with the oportunity of adventure.

Everything in one unique place.

Vines and Lodges.