Where wine is produced exclusively for your pleasure.

With an exclusive community of privately owned vineyards we offer an affordable opportunity for wine enthusiasts and investors to manage the manufacture of their own wine.

Through our programs we offer you the possibility of owning the vineyard you always dreamed of, contemplating planting, harvesting, custom irrigation and independent production. You can be advised by our team of expert professionals and recognized worldwide to experience the pride of making your own wine and designing your own labels.

Cabernet Franc

Small grape with acidity and intermediate sugar, dark blue in color.


Provides sweet sensations, with light fruity and spicy aromas.

Cabernet Sauvignon

It is distinguished by an intense red color, it has a fruity, herbal and floral aroma.


Dark color and ripe tannins with a velvety finish. Tends to be fruity.

How to be an owner?

Choose your vineyard.

Selecting your vineyard and the variety you want is the most important and fascinating decision in the process. Our team will guide your production based on your objectives and the specific characteristics of the soil.

Make your wine.

At this stage, we work together to create your wine plan.

Harvest your grapes.

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Packaging, labeling and shipping your wine.

Your wine is now ready to be bottled, labeled and sent wherever you want. Our import / export team will be in charge of complying with all regulatory and shipping procedures, so that the process is completed without shock.


Your wine has reached its destination. Uncork a bottle and drink the first sip. Delight yourself, take pride and enjoy your creation.