OutHouse Activities

Walk the boundaries
Path that reaches the edge of the Comechingones mountains. You climb the eastern slope winding the path that runs under the pylons. At 2330 meters above sea level, the journey is interrupted by a simple, helpful stall in the delights of its gastronomic proposals, and characteristically hospitable. From this stand to the top, the aerial views are splendid.
Embalse Cerro Pelado
From Villa Amancay you can go to the Cerro Pelado reservoir, which is only 10 kilometers from this commune and about 60 kilometers from Río Tercero. To access it, you must take the same path that leads to the hydroelectric power station.
This 1240-hectare mirror of water is chosen for various activities such as walks in the perilago, sport fishing and diving.
This is how it is an ideal place to immerse yourself, since in the depth of its waters a special landscape is sheltered between hills, stone walls and streams. And although it has a maximum depth of 120 meters, recreational diving can be developed up to 40 meters. One fact: you can hire excursions and diving lessons in the area.
In addition, it is forbidden to navigate in motor boats. In this way, it is seen how sports such as SUP and kayaking add more followers.
Cerro Champaquí
Is a giant stone of 2,790 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain in the Province of Córdoba. It is located in the center of the Cordón de Sierras Grandes and unfolds to the east the Valley of Calamuchita and to the west the Valley of Traslasierra.
This mountain allows each hiker who ventures into its domain to live new and unique experiences. It offers the possibility of returning countless times, traveling different paths at different times of the year and with imaginable climates.
There are different alternatives to climb this hill; among the best known are: Through the Calamuchita Valley: Villa Alpina, Cerro los Linderos, Post Tres Arboles and La Cumbrecita
Through Traslasierra: San Javier: Cuesta de las Cabras, Los Molles: El Hueco Forest and Los Hornillos: Cuesta de la Totora